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Who Might Replace Gareth Bale as Wales' Primary Forward?
Wales is a football nation with a lot of great talents waiting in line for the honour to represent their country and help the national team reach new heights. For more than a decade, that role has been given to Real Madrid's Gareth Bale who has been Wales' most important player.

At the moment, he might seem irreplaceable, but he will soon be reaching an age where he might not be able to contribute to the team as much as he could before. Even though Bale is still the key player for Wales as the national team prepares for Euro 2020, things might change soon.

There is a number of new forwards from the younger generation who might be a good replacement. Therefore, even though some believe otherwise, it seems that there is life for Wales' national team even after Gareth Bale.

Many sports and betting sites write and speculate about this matter, trying to come to an agreement who the best contender for this position is. Let's check out the shortlist.

Daniel James
Daniel James is just 21 years old and already has some impressive achievements on the field. Swansea signed him in 2014 which proved to be a good deal for this Welsh youngster.

After Swansea was relegated from the Premier League, Graham Potter decided that that was an opportunity for a number of new players to experience first-team football. James is one of them, and he has certainly shone this whole season.

Due to his impressive speed and the recent improvements in skills and maturity of play, he will surely have an important place in the national team in the future.

David Brooks
David Brooks is also 21 years old and is currently thriving in the Premier League. He joined Bournemouth in August 2018 in a transfer that cost 11.5, and debuted in a match against Cardiff City which ended with a 2-0 win.

Brooks has some respectable results in the Premier League as he has scored six times in the last 22 important games for the team. It is speculated that top-league teams such as Tottenham and Manchester United are starting to develop an interest for him and that he might get a place there in the summer.

Rabbi Matondo
One of the things that say a lot about this 18-year old player is the fact that he found his place at Schalke's first team immediately after he was transferred from Manchester City in January. It seems that this football genius was not well recognised by the former team as Matondo didn't have a chance to make a senior appearance.

Is there a chance that he will get a place in Wales' national team and possibly replace Gareth Bale when the time comes? Experts believe that there certainly is. He not only has a great technique but is lightning fast as well.


It remains to be seen how the situation will develop in the following years in Wales' national team. Gareth Bale is still in good shape, but he will need to get some help soon at the offence line. Perhaps one of these young guns will be lucky enough to take that position.

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Posted: Wednesday 6th March 2019
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