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UNDER 19: Training camp, update

The Under 19s played a practice match against the Real Sociedad youth side in San Sebastian. The game, played behind closed doors was drawn 0-0. The Wales squad are out in the Basque Region for a spell of warm-weather training before competing in the Elite Round of the UEFA Under 19 qualifiers in Norway later this month.

Thu, 7 April, 2011 21:02 UK.

Revised Wales squad:
Daniel Ward (Wrexham), Connor Roberts (Everton), Adam Henley (Blackburn Rovers), Daniel Alfei (Swansea City), Joe Walsh (Swansea City), Tom Bender (Colchester United), Kieron Freeman (Nottingham Forest), Kyle McCarthy (Hereford United), Lee Lucas (Swansea City), Michael Doughty (Queens Park Rangers), Elliot Hewitt (Macclesfield Town), Ibrahim Farah (Cardiff City), Reece Jones (AFC Wimbledon), Josh Dawkin (Norwich City), Billy Bodin (Swindon Town), Elliott Chamberlain (Leicester City), Robert Ogleby (Hearts), Jake Cassidy (Wolves).

Withdrawn from the original squad are Jonathan Bond, Adam Matthews, Jonathan Williams and Tom Bradshaw.

The Under 19 squad will travel to San Sebastian in Northern Spain for a warm-weather training camp in early April.
 (3rd April – 8th April).

Wales squad:
Daniel WARD Wrexham
Jonathan BOND Watford
Daniel ALFEI Swansea City
Joe WALSH Swansea City
Tom BENDER Colchester United
Kieron FREEMAN Nottingham Forest
Adam MATTHEWS Cardiff City
Lee LUCAS Swansea City
Michael DOUGHTY Queens Park Rangers
Elliot HEWITT Macclesfield Town
Ibrahim FARAH Cardiff City
Reece JONES AFC Wimbledon
Jonathan WILLIAMS Crystal Palace
Billy BODIN Swindon Town
Elliott CHAMBERLAIN Leicester City
Robert OGLEBY Heart Of Midlothian
Jake CASSIDY Wolverhampton Wanderers
Tom BRADSHAW Shrewsbury Town

Stand by Players:

Connor ROBERTS Everton
Adam HENLEY Blackburn Rovers
Alex EVANS Cardiff City
Kyle McCARTHY Hereford United
Matthew HARRIOTT Sheffield United
Max PENK Wrexham
Aaron HOLLOWAY Bristol City
Sean GEDDES Walsall
Kayelden BROWN West Bromwich Albion
Richard PENIKET Fulham
Josh DAWKIN Norwich City

Thursday 7th April 2011

UNDER 19: UEFA Elite round fixtures

Wales Under 19: photo linked from ELITE ROUND
The fixtures have been confirmed for the Elite round:

Fixtures list: (local time)
Serbia v Wales : Match date: Thursday 28 April 2011. Kick off 2pm, The Stadium, Sarpsborg, Norway.

Norway v Wales : Match date: Saturday 30 April 2011. Kick-off: 4:30pm, The Stadium, Sarpsborg, Norway.

Moldova v Wales : Match date: Tuesday 3 May 2011. Kick-off: 2pm, The Stadium, Sarpsborg, Norway.

updated: Thu, 27 January, 2011 20:19 UK.

The draw has been made for the Elite Round mathes of the 2010-2011 UEFA Under 19 Championships.

Wales have been drawn in Group 6 along with Serbia, Norway and Moldova. Norway will host the mini-tournament with matches to be played on 28th, 30th April & 3rd May 2011.

Wales qualified for the Elite round as runner's up to Turkey in the first round.

posted: Tue, 30 November, 2010 18:45 UK.








Thursday 27th January 2011

UNDER 19: Kazakhstan 1 Wales 1

Wales Under 19: photo linked from 1 WALES 1 

Wales qualify for the Elite round.

Wales line up:
12. Daniel Ward (Wrexham), 2. Daniel Alfei (Swansea City), 3. Max Penk (Wrexham), 5. Adam Matthews (Cardiff City) (Capt), 7. Kieron Freeman (Nottingham Forest), 8. Lee Lucas (Swansea City), 10. Billy Bodin (SWindon Town), 11. Reece Jones (AFC Wimbledon), 14. Kayelden Brown (WBA), 17. Tom Bradshaw (Shrewsbury Town), 18. Elliott Chamberlain (Leicester City)

Subs: 1. Jonathan Bond (Watford), 4. Joe Walsh (Swansea City), 6. Tom Bender (Colchester United), 9. Aaron Holloway (Bristol City), 13. Jonathan Williams (Crystal Palace), 15. Josh Dawkin (Norwich City), 16. Ibrahim Farah (Cardiff City).

Other group result: Turkey 2 Iceland 1.

















Turkey 3 2 1 0 10 5 7
Wales 3 1 2 0 6 5 5
Iceland 3 1 0 2 6 4 3


3 0 1 2 2 10 1

updated: Mon, 25 October, 2010 19:14 UK.


Thorarinsoon 35' (pen)

Bodin 56' (pen),  Chambarlain 79'.

Wales line up:
1. Jonathan Bond (Watford), 2. Daniel Alfei (Swansea City), 4. Joe Walsh (Swansea City), 5. Adam Matthews (Cardiff City) (Capt), 7. Kieron Freeman (Nottingham Forest), 8. Lee Lucas (Swansea City), 9. Aaron Holloway (Bristol City), 10. Bily Bodin (Swindon Town), 13. Jonathan Williams (Crystal Palace), 14. Kayelden Brown (WBA), 17. Tom Bradshaw (Shrewsbury Town).

Subs: 3. Max Penk (Wrexham), 6. Tom Bender (Colchester United), 11. Reece Jones (AFC Wimbledon), 12. Daniel Ward (Wrexham), 15. Josh Dawkin (Norwich City), 16. Ibrahim Farah (Cardiff City), 18. Elliot Chamberlain (Leicester City).

Other group result: Turkey 5 Kazakhstan 1.

updated: Fri, 20 October, 2010 20:49 UK.

Wales Under 19: photo linked from 3 WALES 3.

Engin 7, Özbek 59, Muhammet Demir 61

Holloway 57, Bradshaw 90+, Matthews 90+ (Pen)

A draw for the Under 19s in their opening UEFA qualifier against Turkey. Two goals in injury time secured a point for Brian Flynn’s side. More to follow and final score TBC.

Other group result: Iceland 4 Kazakhstan 0.

Wales line up:
1. Jonathan Bond, 2. Daniel Alfei, 4. Joe Walsh, 5. Adam Matthews (Capt), 6. Tom Bender, 8. Lee Lucas, 9. Aaron Holloway, 10. Billy Bodin, 11. Reece Jones, 15. Josh Dawkin, 18. Elliott Chamberlain.

Subs: 3. Max Penk, 7. Kieron Freeman, 12. Daniel Ward, 13. Jonathan Williams, 14. Keyelden Brown, 16. Ibrahim Farah, 17. Tom Bradshaw.

Out from the original squad is Richard Peniket (ankle injury), called up as replacement is Ibrahim Farah (Cardiff City).

The Under 19s will be in action in October when Carmarthen, LLanelli and Bridgend host the UEFA Under 19 Qualifier's for the 2010/11 season. Wales are in Group 1 with Turkey, Iceland and Kazakhstan. Admission is free to all games.

Wales squad:
Daniel Ward (Wrexham), Jonathan Bond (Watford), Kieron Freeman (Nottingham Forest), Reece Jones (AFC Wimbledon), Joe Walsh (Swansea City), Adam Matthews (Cardiff City), Aaron Holloway (Bristol City), Tom Bender (Colchester United), Max Penk (Wrexham), Daniel Alfei (Swansea City), Josh Dawkin (Norwich City), Tom Bradshaw (Shrewsbury Town), Kayelden Brown (WBA), Billy Bodin (Swindon Town), Lee Lucas (Swansea City), Jonathan Williams (Crystal Palace), Elliott Chamberlain (Leicester City), Richard Peniket (Fulham).

Wales Under 19: photo linked from fixtures:

Turkey v Wales: Wednesday 20 October 2010, Kick-off: 17:00 Venue: Richmond Park, Carmarthen.

Iceland v Wales: Friday 22 October 2010, Kick-off: 17:00 Venue: Stebonheath Park, Llanelli.

Kazakhstan v Wales: Monday 25 October 2010,
Kick-off: 17:00 Venue: Brewery Field, Bridgend.

Group matches:

The top two in each qualifying round section, plus the two third-placed sides with the best record against the top two in their group, will progress to the elite round, which will be played in the spring of 2011.

The draw for the Under 19 first qualifying rounds of the 2010-2011 championship has been made. Wales are in Group 1 with Turkey, Iceland and Kazakhstan.

The matches will be played between 19th - 26th October 2010.


 Kazakhstan 1 Wales 1 

 Iceland 1 Wales 2

 Turkey 3 Wales 3

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Monday 25th October 2010

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