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 Wales v Russia after match comment


What a huge dissappointment, although credit must go to the players and the staff for embrasing a nation throughout the campaign - Chris Powell

Tremendous effort, from all the team. Savage ran his heart out again, Gabidon was immense and paul jones save in the second half was superb. But we missed key players like Simon Davies and Craig Bellamy. Mark Hughes sounded like he wants to go when interviewed after the game. We must do everything we can to keep him. - Mike

There are two main things that upset me during the match last night. Our apparent reluctance to test a potentially suspect goalkeeper, and the referee's blatent inability to disipline a team intent on killing the game. I am very dissapointed, but the atmosphere was good at the stadium, and who knows, in time the hurt might go away. - Peter Johns

We should have played with two up front. We are at are best when attacking teams. The best result was against Italy and we went at them and created problems. That was how we should have played. Tey should have been scared of us, but with only john up from we created little. Mark is still the man for the job. it is very important he stays - Geraint Bevan

Unlucky lads,you were up against a team who wanted to cheat their way to portugal,i suppose the dirty tactics paid off.Never mind,we'll be behind you when the world championship qualifiers begin later next year - Alan Matthews

Not enough commitment from the boys on the night I'm afraid, and Sparky got it tactically wrong by not playing two strikers from the start - Earnshaw should have been on from the kick-off, it would have shown our intention to attack. As it was Hartson was largely ineffectual on his won up front and we left it too late, and, despite the Russians' despicable spoiling tactics and gamesmanship, and the godawful refereeing, they were the more superior footballing side over two legs. Having said that we played with a passion and commitment over there that was lacking last night. If only Giggs, god bless him, had put that chance away it would've lifted the team, and we would have gone into the second half with all guns blazing (in theory). But we really lost out in our past few games - I mean Finland at home, ten minutes to go, 1-0 up? Shite... Ah, well, another failure at the gates. I just hope that we can hang on to Hughesey and build on what we've achieved!
over the past couple of years. Keep the red flag flying... - Elfyn Griffith

Though im very proud of the boys after a bitter defeat to the russians, i must say how dissapointed i was with the game we had a total of 3 chances to score in the entire 90 minutes and im sure the russians had plenty more. there was a big rush when earnshaw came on and he was going for it until he was brutally hacked down, which brings me onto my next point what was the ref doing welsh players were being punched, kicked and the ref gave nothing and doesnt he realise it cant always be hartsons fault when hes trying to control a ball when a russian cant get a ball or falls over. which was something they did a lot and talk about wasting time i thought the italians were the masters of that. anyway the russians were a*&^hoŁ$s but we didnt do enough to win. and those who blame giggs obviously didnt apy attention to the fact he was being man marked out of the game. ps well done GABBIDON excellent night for you mate.

see you all for the world cup qualifiers chin up - Ross Kenny

Disappointed -big time but some of the lads were found wanting last night , i thought big John would have been knocking those big guys at the back around a lot more, Delaney was awful, Barnard had a bad game. The positives ? one of Giggs' best games for a while, Sav ran his heart out , Koumas , let this guy off the leash, he's dying to "play " for us. We were too defensive all night - ICICLE

I went to the game last night, I am gutted that Wales never qaulified for Portugal, I feel disappointed and upset I could not face work this today. I thought Wales never had lady luck with them last night even though they way we played was quite route 1 and perdictable up to John Hartson, however it was not easy for Mark Hughes and the players to beat the Russians who got some good players playing in the top European leauges considering Wales already lost some key players like Simon Davies, Craig Bellmany it was always going to be a bit of a struggle, we don't have the trength in dept simple as that. It's a shame Wales never made it to Portgual, however I like to thank Sparky and the boys for giving Wales as a nation some joy over the qaulifing rounds, some good memories (beating Italy), and a new hope that Wales can get better in future and qaulifiy for the World cup, Germany here we come. - Andrew Gabbidon

Absolutely gutted that after going to every home game this year it ended the
way it did, I hope Mark Hughes follows his heart and does what he and is
family would wish for him. After the game I was not that downbeat, just got
to get on with it and realise that Wales doesn't have the strength in depth
to be able to cope with getting to a finals tournament, the play off only
created Two games too many for a team that were stretched to the limit
playing Eight group games. It is possible for a small country to get there,
Latvia did so there is hope but we must move on and learn, more competition
for places in the team is required to push everyone on a level, on wednesday
Mark could only pick the team he had fit, there was little in reserve that
would have upset the Russians. - Peter McGibney 

Hughes for the chop disgusted with the match!! Why play a defensive game when we need a win? Earnie should play from the start Hartson cannot handle 90 minutes alone up front. Why is Hughes so pig headed we were down two key players in Bellamy and Davies we needed Earnie on to pose any threat to the Russians. Is it just me or are Wales destined to be the laughing stock of the world for eternity! In my opinion we have the best squad we'v had for decades however Hughes cannot seem to pick the right team. I didnt agree with the 4-5-1 formation away to Russia however it worked and we got a result but last nights game should have been all about taking the game to the opposition and showing what we are made of. I feel sorry for the likes of Giggs and Speed who may never get the chance again to reach the heights that they are more than capable of reaching. - Kev + Ben


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