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 John Charles
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1. I never had the pleasure of seeing him play but even my father (who is not really interested in football) said he was one of the greatest player he had ever seen. It was fascinating reading his life story in last year's publication, which also helped raised money for Gol charity. It's a shame that although he was such a legend in Italy he didn't command the same status here in Wales and certainly not in the UK. In today's era where the media build up average players to be world beaters his impact on the game and the spirit in which he played doesn't make half these players fit to play the same game. With the Royal family handing out honours and knighthoods left, right and centre to certain people in British sport, somebody should take a long hard look at themselves and ask why did John Charles not die Sir John Charles? Let's hope he was at least able to enjoy watching Wales hammer Scotland 4-0 on Wednesday night. - Hedd Adams-Lewis
2. Met him once after the Germany game, and although he was being continually asked for autographs was very charming and obliged everyone. Will be sadly missed. - Phil Nicholson
3. A Football legend in the true sense of the word, at a time when money and fame were not the influences, but the game, and your team mates came first. He had skill, passion and a humility the game will never see again. Diolch John 
4. I was lucky enough to meet John on a number of occasions, most recently when he was made the first member of Leeds' 'Hall Of Fame'. He was clearly in poor health at this event, but he was still the Gentle Giant and the ovation he recieved from an audience of hundreds, few of whom will have ever seen him play, bore testimony to the 'legend'.
He was completely modest about his achievements but, be sure, he was one of the greatest footballers in the world, arguably perhaps for a time, the greatest.
He will be sadly missed in this city, in Turin and, of course, in Wales. 
King John RIP. - Bryn Law
5. The greatest of all time - Chris Mason
6. Even though he was of a different generation and I never saw John Charles play. From what I have read and heard he was a true legend. His loss will be felt around the football world and we will never see his kind on the football field again as he was simply a unique footballer. RIP John. - Marc
7. A very sad day for the Welsh Nation - Owain Young
8. A true Welsh Hero - Gwenllian Young
9. A great Footballer, a great Welshman, a great loss. A very kind man. - Caleb Young
10. Legend - Dafydd Wyn Horan
11. Without a doubt the greatest ever welsh footballer. i will never forget the ovation he got when he came on the pitch the night wales beet italy,ished tears of emotion then,i shed tears of sadness today. - Paul Thomas
12. I have had the luck to meet him for real some years ago in the centre of turin, i had the impression that it's hard to find people like "il gigante buono" in the soccer star system.
Great person, strong fair attitude, what can i say...a real gentleman in the real life and on the green field.
Ciao John, turin is with you in your last trip. - Marco , Turin Italy
13. One word, THANKYOU. You are an inspiration to one an all. You were a gentleman both on and off the pitch and the kind of player to inspire to be. God bless you - Michelle Yarwood
14. we'll never see his like again. RIP. - Mark Loughran
15. Had the pleasure of meeting him once or twice. He was a true gentleman and will be missed. - Russell Willey
16. Like most...never got the chance to watch or meet the towering Welsh Legend, a true Welsh star of football, he'll be sadly missed! Thanks for putting Welsh football on the map! - John Grindley
17. THE greatest welsh sportsman of all time. Diolch John and rest peacefully. - Dafydd Jones
18. A true Welsh Legend. I only had the pleasure of meeting him once and could instantly see were he got the nick name The Gentle Giant.
R.I.P - Darren Denby
19. John Charles known to us "older generation" as the gentle giant of football and his record goes before him and must be considered as our best "true Welsh" player of all time. It was a pride to be a Welshman when associated with his name. Thank you John Charles for all the pleasure you gave us all. - John Hudman
20. John is highly regarded and remembered with great affection and respect in this border town. We are saddened to hear of his death and our thoughts go out to his family. John will be sadly missed - he was a true Welsh Giant - Joe Jenkins
21. I was at the Wales - Italy game in Cardiff. When John Charles was stood acknowledging the crowd, wiping away tears from the centre of a giant Wales crest in the centre circle, everyone could see the greatness of the man, passionate, proud, humble, he WAS Welsh football - our best ever. He loved the fans and the fans loved him. Tears where in my eyes. By the time the game kicked off, Italy could have had 22 men and we would still have beat them - The 'Gentle Giant' was still doing his bit for Wales in his 70's - God Bless Him. - Gavin Roberts
22. A King amongst us, A hero for our nation to worship.
Such a sad day !! - Steve Sargeant
23. The match Cardiff v Leeds. Trevor Ford Center forward John Charles Center half. A petulant Leeds player kicks the ball away. John chases forty yards after it picks it up and carries it back and gently tosses it to the Cardiff free kick taker. The is no need to write about his majestic football ability. He was the best. - Mike Young
24. Never had the chance to see the great man play but the stories about King John will go down in Welsh football folklore.The old balck and whites show the stature of the man. May God bless you John and may you rest in peace - Russ
25. I consider myself fortunate to see Big John playing for Cardiff when I was a boy. Unfortunately I was too young to appreciate just how great he was but I do remember running onto the pitch , with others, after he had scored from way out with a free kick. He was more concerned that we got back over the wall safely that celebrating the strike.
Watched the TV tribute with a lump in my throat. A true legend. Sad loss - Roger Howell
26. Wotta legend, b truelly missed! - Simon Rogers
27. Growing up in Leeds in the 1950's, I can recall a place where life was simpler and more peaceful. (My Dad drove me to work and sitting in the next car was one of the Charlton brothers). Our soccer heroes were much like the rest of us and they played the game for love, not for money. 

The way John played the game truly is an ideal model for young people. A sportsman in the true sense of the word. A real gentleman. 

Wow, what a legacy for Wales and what a privilege for the people of Leeds, especially during these turbulent times of the home club. 

I'm glad he came back to Leeds and lived in Leeds, the place I love and miss so much. 

May God Bless and keep an ideal sportsman! - Patricia Anne Eastwood
28. God bless you John...and thank you for all that you did for football in Wales and across the world. I hope that your like will one day be seen again in professional football. - Liam Owen
29. God Bless John, its a pity not everyone is like you true sportsman
gentleman,welsh football will never forget you john. - Alan Williams
30. A legend,there will never be another John Charles,rest in peace John,,we will all miss you. - Martin Kinsey
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