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 John Charles
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31. A fantastic player my dad played swansea schools boys with him & his brother. I wish we had a player like him for Wales now. - Phil Harry
32. I would like to offer sincere condolences to John's family on this very sad occasion, and I also sincerly hope that if a posthumous knighthood is offered in his memory,that as it is twenty years overdue, it is declined. It is a disgrace that more was not done to recognise John's immense contribution to football while he was still with us. Besides, who needs to be a knight when you are already a King?
Rest in peace King John, and may the stars bless you, You will never be forgotten. - Ian Burns 
33. A true great ,missed by all. Long live the king - Tony Ridgeway
34. Sleep well Gentle Giant...Do go well into that good night, for yours was a gallant fight. Respect. - Elfyn Griffith
35. Absolutely devastated to hear the news. Will be missed by all, a true football genius has left us. Rest in peace big man. - Ross Williams
36. Arwr / Hero. - Rhys Wyn Horan
37. The greatest player I never saw and a true gentleman - Jon
38. Our greatest ever? Fantastic that we're able to have anyone of the Calibre of a Meredith or a Rush to measure up against him. Best player of his era- indisputably! - Meic Pierce Owen
39. BY FAR Our best god bless you John AND REST IN PEACE - Raymond King
40. If any footballer deserved to be knighted it was King John. The best ambassador Wales ever had, you will be sadly missed. Rest in Peace - Paul Stephens
41. Cawr o ddyn, cawr o Gymro. Bydd neb debyg iddo eto ym myd peldroed. Heddwch i'w lwch. Cysga'n dawel John. - Meilir Tomos
42. He will be missed by every one who new him or of him,perhaps we need to think of a lasting reminder of the Gentle Giant and a friend to all. Long live the memory - Andrew Timberlake
43. Its a real shame that he was never given the recognition that he deserved in england ( as shown by sunderland fans on sat)he was a proper legend as was obvious by the fact that my dad claims to be named after him and this from a man who has no idea who owen or beckham are!! - Rob
44. My dad said he was the best ever. And he never says things like that. So I guess he must have been good. - Rob 
45. He was a a true Welsh hero if ever there was one. - Chris Jones
46. You were the type of player/person youngsters of today should be looking upto. Every professional player should take a leaf from the great mans book. - Nick Green
47. Never knighted by the establishment but knighted by the ordinary people. Rest in peace Sir John - John Pope
48. I was'nt around when he was playing, but he the king and always will be. 

(SIR) John charles R.I.P

p.s. why didnt they make him sir?? Discrace. - Llyr Moris
49. Dylsai pob chwaraewr pel-droed edrych arno er mwyn gweld beth sy'n gwneud arwr go iawn yn y gem. Dwi'n teimlo mor lwcus fy mod wedi cael y cyfle i'w gyfarfod y llynedd a mi fyddai'n trysori y llun ohonof wrth ei ochr am byth.

Every footballer should take a look at this man to see whate makes a true hero in the game. I'm just so glad that I was lucky enough to meet him last year and I will treasure the photo of me by his side forever. - Owain Schiavone
50. Although i am too young to have ever have seen him my dad talks about him with extremely high admiration. If only todays footballers were as half as much positive role models. No player these days could claim to be one of the greatest strikers and defenders in the world at the same time. Truely a legend in Welsh sporting history. - Neil Jones
51. My family and I were very sad to hear on Saturday morning that John had passed away, God Bless Him.
Our thoughts are with his wife and family at this very sad time. - Sue Rogers
52. John Charles - A real man, Genuine hero, and an example and credit to Cymru. - D (Cwm Rhymni)
53. A true legend. - Dan Herron
54. I am not old enough to have had the privelage to see you play, but from what i have heard and seen on TV, you were the greatest Welshman ever produced. You represented the country in the best possible way and for that we love you. R.I.P Il Gigante Buono - David
55. As a Leeds United fan John Charles has meant a lot to me for he was one of our Greatest players and he has and will be always remembered but i once saw John play in a friendly charity match in Ripon of all places against Ripon City and i can still remember it as if it was yesterday. He had the grace and the touch and that has and always will be with him,i was mesmorised. He was the Greatest and i shall never forget him. Thank you John,G-d bless you and may you rest in the Glorious peace you so rightly deserve.You are a True,True star.Love always, - Haydon Cooper
56. Like to pay our respects to the greatest Welsh footballer ever, Rest in peace John Charles. Cymru Am Byth!! - Davyd, Trfor, Clive, Ifor and Melvyn Williams
57. John Charles is a great ambassador for Welsh sport and will be sorely missed. He inspired the nation with his ability, style, grace, and above all, discipline. The legend of the Gentle Giant will live on forever! Gorau Chwarae, Cyd Chwarae! - Gareth Robinson
58. Today's players should learn from his example. A true giant of the game - John Charles RIP - gone but never forgotten! - Mark Jacques
59. Sleep well, Gentle Giant. - Jonathan Dearth
60. Probably the only player of his kind, we'll ever see in the game we love. He represented all of what's great in football, and was and still should be a great role model for us all. A lot of football 'supporters' especially today's english fans should bow their heads in shame, for they have no idea that one of the world's footballing greats has gone. Its a disgrace that he was not recognised as he should have been, while he was alive. RIP, and thanks for all you've done for welsh football. You'll be sadly missed. - Jonathan Stephens
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