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 John Charles
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61. This man the 'Friendly Giant' set an example to every kid and set an example to the footballing world. He will be missed, but he will be a welsh legend....forver. R.I.P John Charles - Liam Williams
62. Giants are the most gentlemanly. 
I have heard that he showed respect for everyone, and had a humanity and humility that should be strived for the world over....and hugely talented as well. A sad loss. - Sian Roberts
63. I think john charles woz the best player ever to be produced . Big Friendly Giant R.I.P - Scott Mckenzie
64. I can see John now, taking the ball up for Wales in his majestic way, just brushing defenders aside, and that was when he was playing centre-half. Of course he was just as good at centre-forward, (Better?). I think that's what made him unique, and in my opinion one of the best players to ever play the game. Unfortunately, I only saw him when Wales played at Ninian Park, but I followed his career very closely, until he seemed to fade into obscurity, which was a shame. - Norman Shopland
65. A great player, A even Greater Person, god bless you - Chris Williams
66. Shame he was in a different era and I never had the chance to watch him play. Never heard a bad word about him. Brilliant autobiography. - David Williams  
67. Thank you, great John.
Supporter Juventus F.C. love you forever - Brillada Giuseppe
68. A Legend@Juve, Leeds and a Welsh giant forever. - Gareth Williams
69. The legend lives on. - Ben
70. John Charles, the man and the footballer, is what all young players should aspire to be like. A passing of a great Welshman. - Hywel Stokes
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