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2014 WORLD CUP: Serbia v Wales
Friday 29th June 2012

Wales 2014 World CupSERBIA v WALES.

Match to be played on Tuesday 11th September 2012.

Venue and stadium: Novi Sad, Stadium FK ďKaradjordjeĒ Kick- Off: 20:30 (CET) , confirmed by FAW.



2014 WORLD CUP: Wales v Scotland
Wednesday 27th June 2012

Wales 2014 World CupWALES v SCOTLAND.

Match to be played at the Cardiff City Stadium on Friday 12th October.

posted: Wed, 27 Jun, 2012 20:05 UK.


2014 WORLD CUP: Wales v Belgium
Wednesday 27th June 2012

Wales 2014 World CupWALES v BELGIUM.

Match to be played at the Cardiff City Stadium on Friday 7th September.

posted: Wed, 27 Jun, 2012 20:05 UK.


2014 WORLD CUP: Tournament Ticket information
Wednesday 27th June 2012

Wales Football Home fixturesWALES TICKETS. 
2014 World Cup Qualifying Campaign Ė Group A
Tournament Ticket (Season Ticket) Information
Tournament ticket application forms have been sent to Gold and Junior members of the 1876 Wales
Supporters Club (WSC) from 23rd May 2012.

A Tournament Ticket is like a season ticket, which will guarantee you a ticket for each of the five
home matches during the Qualifying Campaign.

Gold (Adult) and Junior members of the 1876 Wales
Supporters Club (WSC) are entitled to apply for Tournament Tickets.

You are welcome to purchase up to 5 and they can be for both members of the WSC and non-members.

As you may be aware, the venues for all five home qualifying matches have not yet been confirmed and may not be until 3 months before each match. Therefore, we have set the ticket prices so that they fit all possible grounds Ė Cardiff City Stadium, Liberty Stadium, Parc Y Scarlets and Millennium Stadium.

Tournament Ticket holders will benefit from a 25% discount, when compared to purchasing ticketson a match by match basis. 

Prices are as follows*:

Tournament Ticket Price Adult £75.00 - Saving £25.00
Single Match Ticket Price £20.00

Tournament Ticket Price Senior Citizen £18.75 - Saving £6.25
Single Match Ticket Price £5.00

Tournament Ticket Price Junior £18.75 - Saving £6.25
Single Match Ticket Price £5.00

*Please note applications are subject to a postage charge

All supporters have the option to have their tickets located in any of the three following areas:
- Length of pitch
- Behind goal/corner
- Family Stand (behind goal/corner)

Tournament Ticket holders will receive the best tickets available for each match, as their tickets will be allocated first and before those fans who apply on a match by match basis.

Please note if you do not wish to take up the Tournament Ticket offer, you will be able to purchase tickets on a match by match basis approximately 2 months before each match.
If you would like to buy a Tournament Ticket but have not yet signed up to the WSC, you will need to become a member first.

There is a membership application form on the FAW website which can be printed off and posted or emailed back to this office -

Membership costs £10.00 for Gold (Adult) members and £5.00 for Juniors.

Wed, 27 Jun, 2012 19:50 UK.


2014 WORLD CUP: Group A friendly matches
Saturday 26th May 2012

See who our Group A opponents are playing ahead of the 2014 campaign, starting in September 2012.

15/08/2012: Belgium v Netherlands.
15/08/2012: FYR Macedonia v Lithuania.
15/08/2012: Serbia v Repblic of Ireland.
15/08/2012: Scotland v Australia.
15/08/2012: Switzerland v Croatia.
15/08/2012: Wales v Bosnia.

05/06/2012: Sweden 2 Serbia 1.

02/06/2012: Norway 1 Croatia 1.
02/06/2012: England 1 Belgium 0.

31/05/2012: France 2 Serbia 0.
29/05/2012: Angola 0 FYR Macedonia 0.

27/05/2012: Mexico 2 Wales 0.

26/05/2012: USA 5 Scotland 1.
26/05/2012: Portugal 0 FYR Macedonia 0.
26/05/2012: Spain 2 Serbia0.

25/05/2012: Belgium 2 Montenegro 2.
25/05/2012: Croatia 3 Estonia 1.

29/02/2012: Croatia 1 Sweden 3.
29/02/2012: Cyprus 0 Serbia 0.
29/02/2012: Greece 1 Belgium 1.
29/02/2012: Luxembourg 2 FYR Macedonia 1.
29/02/2012: Slovenia 1 Scotland 1.
29/02/2012: Wales 0 Costa Rica 1.

28/02/2012: Armenia 0 Serbia 2.

15/11/2011: France 0 Belgium 0.
15/11/2011: FYR Macedonia 0 Albania 0.

14/11/2011: Honduras 2 Serbia 0.

11/11/2011: Cyprus 1 Scotland 2.
11/11/2011: Mexico 2 Serbia 0.
11/11/2011: Belgium 2 Romania 1.
11/11/2011: Wales 4 Norway 1.

Current Friendly Form Table.


















Goal diff +/-

Pts Won




























SerbiaArmeniaFYR Macedonia




























WORLD CUP NEWS: Toshack plans
Thursday 26th January 2012

Photo linked from

FYR Macendonia manager John Toshack disclosed his plans in preparations for the upcoming 2014 World Cup qualifications .

Nemanja Vidic has confirmed his retirement from international football.

updated: Thu, 26 Jan, 2011 18:34 UK.

2014 WORLD CUP: Wales in Group A fixtures
Wednesday 23rd November 2011

Scotland v Wales: photo linked from WORLD CUP
The Wales fixtures for the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifiers have been agreed.

"This is such a well-balanced group that we knew everyone would be looking for an early advantage. As always, there had to be some give and take, but I am very glad that we did not have to use the June qualifying dates. All the matches are double headers for us so we need to keep our good form going now through the friendly matches that we have and on to the start of the qualifiers next Autumn and beyond." - Wales manager Gary Speed.

Wales fixtures:
Friday 07.09.2012 v Belgium (H)
Tuesday 11.09.2012 v Serbia (A)

Friday 12.10.2012 v Scotland (H)
Tuesday 16.10.2012 v Croatia (A)

Friday 22.03.2013. v Scotland (A)
Tuesday 26.03.2013. v Croatia (H)

Friday 06.09.2013. v FYR Macedonia (A)
Tuesday 10.09.2013. v Serbia (H)

Friday 11.10.2013. v FYR Macedonia (H)
Tuesday 15.10.2013. v Belgium (A).

Matches are set to begin in September 2012. If agreement cannot be reached at the meeting, it will be for FIFA to draw the matches on the set match dates.

Group A fixtures meeting set to take place on November 23 in Brussels.

Wales have been drawn in Group A for the 2014 World Cup qualifying rounds, also drawn in the same group are FYR Macedonia (43), Scotland (33), Belgium (22), Serbia (17) and Croatia (7).

*UEFA ranking in brackets

Wales' record against Group A nations.

FYR Macedonia: Wales has never played them.
Scotland: 105 meetings, the last this year in Dublin (1-3 defeat). 'Classic' matches in World Cup qualifiers in 1977 (Liverpool) and 1985 (Cardiff).
Belgium: 8 meetings, the last in 1997. The most memorable? Perhaps the 2-0 win in 1993 that featured a great free kick goal from Ryan Giggs. Three wins, one draw and four defeats.
Serbia: no meetings as a solo team, but 2 meetings when paired as Serbia & Montenegro in 2003 (two defeats)
Croatia: 2 meetings, both friendlies, the last in 2010. A draw and a defeat. info from FAW

With 53 European countries entered in the World Cup qualifying draw, teams have been drawn in eight groups of 6 teams and one group of 5.

The qualifying matches are scheduled to be played between 7 September 2012 and 15 October 2013.

The 9 group winners will qualify directly, and the eight best second-placed teams will be drawn in two-legged play-off matches to determine the other four qualifying nations.

Ranking of second-placed teams: Because one group has one team fewer than the others, matches against the sixth-placed team in each group are not included. As a result, eight matches played by each team will count for the purposes of the second-placed table.

Group fixtures meeting is due to take place in the Autumn.

updated: Sat, 30 Jul, 2011 20:57 UK.

Wales will learn their 2014 World Cup qualifying group when the draw is made in Rio de Janeiro this evening.

Wales will be in drawn from Pot 6. The Football Association of Wales will be represented at the draw by President, Phil Pritchard, Chief Executive, Jonathan Ford and manager Gary Speed.

Pot 1: Spain, Holland, Germany, England, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Norway, Greece.

Pot 2: France, Montenegro, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia, Turkey, Serbia, Slovakia.

Pot 3: Switzerland, Israel, Republic of Ireland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary.

Pot 4: Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Lithuania, Albania, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Austria, Poland.

Pot 5: Armenia, Finland, Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Moldova, FYR Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Faroe Islands.

Pot 6:
Wales, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Malta, Andorra, San Marino.

Another update this evening from puts Wales in pot 6 for the World Cup draw at the end of July.

FIFA world cup UEFA pots

*Please note this is yet to be confirmed by the FAW.

updated: Fri, 10 Jun, 2011 22:34 UK.

According to reports Wales are in Pot 5 for the World cup draw at the end of July. To note it has been reported earlier that Wales' seeding will be decided on the July FIFA world rankings.

It has been reported that UEFA announced on Monday (6th June) the distribution of the European national teams in six pots.

NEWS: UEFA's World Cup 2014 Qualifying Pots

Pot 1 includes world champions Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, England, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Norway, and Greece.

Pot 2 is comprised of Serbia, Slovenia, Russia, France, Montenegro, Switzerland, Slovakia, Denmark, and Sweden.

Bulgaria was placed in Pot 3 together with Turkey, the Czech Republic, Israel, Ireland, Ukraine, Belgium, Romania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Pot placement is determined by the FIFA ranking of the national teams where Bulgaria are 47th at the moment. Bulgaria barely made it into Pot 3 as the next team in line, Lithuania, which is the first in Pot 4, is ranked 48th by FIFA with only 15 points fewer than Bulgaria.

In addition to Lithuania, Pot 4 includes Albania, Hungary, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Poland.

Pot 5 features Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Macedonia, Moldova, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, and Wales.

Pot 6 consists of Iceland, Luxembourg, the Faroe Islands, Kazakhstan, Lichtenstein, Malta, Andorra, and San Marino.

updated: Mon, 6 Jun, 2011 19:32 UK.

Wales' seeding for the 2014 World Cup draw will be decided on the July FIFA world rankings

Wales are currently ranked 45 out of 53 in the UEFA Confederations list, this ranking would put Wales in Pot E (using the same qualification format as for the 2010 World Cup).

posted: Fri, 3 Jun, 2011 17:02 UK.

 Friendly matches 




Other information:



2014 WORLD CUP: Fixture meeting
Thursday 10th November 2011

Scotland v Wales: photo linked from WORLD CUP 
The fixture meeting for World Cup Group A will take place on the 23rd of November in Brussels, nations from Group A will gather to discuss and determine the fixture calendar.

The Belgium FA will host the meeting where officials from Croatia, Serbia, Scotland, Belgium, Macedonia, and Wales will be present.

There has been much talk about the calendar in Scotland where the association will try to avoid a matchup with Macedonia and other Balkan countries in the summer when the weather is extremely warm. 

This has been caused by what happened during the 2010 World Cup qualifications when Scotland lost 1:0 away to Macedonia in the scorching heat during the summer.  However, the worrgy in Scotland and the rest of Group A is that Serbia and Croatia will not be able to agree on anything due to the animosity between the two countries.  In that scenario, if an agreement is not reached, which has already occurred in Group D, FIFA will determine the calendar for the group.

posted: Thu, 10 Nova, 2011 22:10 UK.









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