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WOMEN: Under 19s v Portugal

The Womens’ Under 19 side will play two matches in Portugal later this month.

The matches are in preparation for the Elite Round of UEFA qualifiers, these to be held in England at the end of March / early April. In Wales’ group are hosts England, Austria and Finland.

Portugal fixtures:
Tuesday 13th March: Portugal v Wales (Castro Verde)
Thursday 15th March: Portugal v Wales (Beja)

Wales squad:
Katy Maddock - Everton
Alice Evans - Cardiff City FC
Sophie Cole - Cardiff City Ladies FC
Danielle Oates - Blackburn
Lauren Price - Cardiff City Ladies FC
Leanne Jones - Watford
Lucy Thomas - Cardiff City FC
Sophie Davies TNS
Josie Green - Manchester City Ladies FC
Hayley Ladd - Arsenal
Ellis Parsons - University Of East Tennessee
Megan Wynne - Watford
Angharad James - Arsenal
Amy Wathan - Cardiff City FC
Bethan Woolley - Tranmere Rovers
Ellie Curson - Bristol Academy
Hannah Keryakoplis - Liverpool
Amy Thrupp - Pilcs .

Players on stand by:
Gemma Jackson - Blackburn
Molly Furnival-Dorant - Bristol Academy
Alex George - Llanidloes
Siobhan Walsh - Trefelin
Lauren Hancock - Swansea City Ladies
Chloe Tucker - Reading
Jennifer Bury - Reading
Rachel Hignett - Bristol Academy
Emily Thomas - Tranmere
Phoebe Davies - Everton
Shanelle Edwards - Cardiff City FC
Jordan Guard - Cardiff City FC
Catherine Walsh - Trefelin
Emma Jones - Reading.

Sun, 4 Mar, 2012 18:30 UK.


WOMEN: Algarve Cup

Photo linked from

WOMEN: Algarve Cup.

RESULT: Hungary 1 Wales 2.

RESULT: Republic of Ireland 0 Wales 0.

RESULT: Portugal 0 Wales 1.

Jarmo Matikainen has named his women's squad for the annual invitation Algarve Cup Tournament in Portugal.

Wales will play four matches between the end of February and early March.

Wales Fixtures:
- Wednesday 29th February v Portugal in Parcah.
- Friday 2nd March v Republic of Ireland in Ferreiras.
- Monday 5th March v Hungary in VRS Antonio

-Wednesday 7th March - A final positional match against another group opponent.

The games will be ideal preparation for the next UEFA Women's Championships qualifier, that will be against France in Caen on Wednesday 4th April.

Wales squad line up:
Nicola Davies Rochdale
Rhian Nokes Cardiff City Ladies
Kylie Davies Chelsea
Kayleigh Green Cardiff City Ladies
Sophie Ingle Chelsea
Nia Jones Cardiff City Ladies
Hayley Ladd Arsenal
Helen Bleazard Chelsea
Katie Daley Chelsea
Loren Dykes Bristol Academy
Michelle Green Bristol Academy
Angharad James Arsenal
Jayne Ludlow Arsenal
Jessica Fishlock Bristol Academy
Sarah Wiltshire Watford
Natasha Harding Bristol Academy
Gwennan Harries Everton
Hannah Keryakopolis Liverpool
Helen Lander Chelsea
Amie Lea Cardiff City Ladies

Stand by players:
Sophie Dando UWIC
Danielle Oates Blackburn Rovers
Lauren Price Cardiff City Ladies FC
Lauren Townsend Cardiff City Ladies FC
Erin Vaughan Aston Villa
Sally Wade Barnet
Josie Green Manchester City Ladies FC
Laura May Walkley Bristol Academy
Megan Wynne Watford
Zoe Atkins Cardiff City Ladies
Ellie Curson Bristol Academy
Kate Edwards Wrexham
Cheryl Foster Liverpool
Emma Plewa Chelsea
Stephanie Taylor Wrexham.

Mon, 20 Jan, 2012 11:40 UK.







WOMEN: UEFA Youth draws

The draws were held today at the UEFA HQ in Nyon, Switzerland for the Women's Under 17 & 19 tournaments.

The Under 17s Wales were drawn in Group 10 alongside Norway, Latvia and Turkey. Latvia will host the the mini-tournament from 3rd September 2012.

With the Women's Under 19 Championship for 2012/2013 being hosted in Wales, the Under 19s automatically qualify for the finals tournament in August 2013.

Elite Round news:
The Under 19s have been drawn in Group 6 with alongside England, Austria and Finland. England will host the matches and thes will be played between 31st March and 5th April 2012.

posted: Wed, 30 Nov, 2011 19:58 UK.


  Teams P W D L F A +/- Pts
1 France France 4 4 0 0 17 2 15 12
2 Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland 3 2 0 1 5 3 2 6
3 Wales Wales 4 1 1 2 5 8 -3 4
4 Scotland Scotland 2 1 1 0 8 3 5 4
5 Israel Israel 5 0 0 5 1 20 -19 0

17 September 2011
Wales 0-2 Republic of Ireland
Referee: Marina Mamaeva (RUS) Stadium: Newport, Newport (WAL)

22 October 2011
Wales 1-4 France
Referee: Anastasia Pustovoitova (RUS) Stadium: Parc Y Scarlets, Llanelli (WAL)

27 October 2011
Scotland 2-2 Wales
Referee: Tanja Schett (AUT) Stadium: Tynecastle, Edinburgh (SCO)

20 November 2011
Israel 0-2 Wales
Referee: Caroline De Boeck (BEL) Stadium: Nes-Ziona, Nes-Ziona (ISR)
WOMEN: Israel 0 Wales 2

Photo linked from

WOMEN: Israel 2 Wales 0.

Wales women's won their first game in the group defeating Israel 2-0. Goals came from Helen Lander after 8 minutes, with a second, late-on from from Sophie Ingle.

Wales move up to 3rd in the group.

Wales women's Teams manager, Jarmo Matikainen, has named the squad for the Women's UEFA championship fixture Israel on Sunday 20th November 2011.

The game is set to plaed in Nes Ziona in Israel.

Wales squad:
Rhian NOKES - Cardiff City Ladies
Nicola DAVIES - Rochdale
Kylie DAVIES - Chelsea
Sophie INGLE - Cardiff City Ladies
Jayne LUDLOW - Arsenal
Loren DYKES - Bristol Academy
Lauren PRICE - Cardiff City Ladies
Sally WADE - Barnet
Amie LEA - Cardiff City Ladies
Ellis PARSONS - East Tennessee State University
Hayley LADD - Arsenal
Angharad JAMES - Arsenal
Josie GREEN - Manchester City
Michelle GREEN - Bristol Academy
Megan WYNNE - Watford
Laura-May WALKLEY - Bristol Academy
Hannah KERYAKOPLIS - Liverpool
Helen BLEAZARD - Bristol Academy
Gwennan HARRIES - Everton
Helen LANDER - Chelsea

Stand by players:
Gemma BORDER - Swansea City Ladies
Sophie DANDO - Cardiff City Ladies
Tija RICHARDSON - Swansea City Ladies
Erin VAUGHAN - Aston Villa
Danielle OATES - Blackburn Rovers
Kerrie MANLEY - Coventry City
Elery EARNSHAW - CT Reds
Shan JONES - Middle Tennessee State University
Ellie CURSON - Bristol Academy
Zoe ATKINS - Cardiff City Ladies
Cheryl FOSTER - Liverpool.

Thu, 10 Nov, 2011 21:40 UK.


- Group 4 results 





WOMEN: Scotland 2 Wales 2

Photo linked from

WOMEN: Scotland 2 Wales 2.
GOALS: Lea, Lander

Jarmo Matikainen has named the Wales team for the UEFA qualifier against Scotland at Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh.

Wales line up:
1 Nicola Davies
2 Loren Dykes
3 Sophie Ingle
4 Kylie Davies
5 Jayne Ludlow (Capt)
6 Amie Lea
7 Helen Bleazard
8 Michelle Green
9 Helen Lander
10 Gwennan Harries
11 Jessica Fishlock.

Subs: 12 Rhian Nokes, 13 Sally Wade, 14 Angharad James, 15 Hannah Keryakoplis, 16 Nia Jones, 17 Natasha Harding, 18 Hayley Ladd.

Thu, 27 Oct, 2011 21:10 UK.


- Draw 2-2 with Wales -SFA





WOMEN: Wales 1 France 4

Jarmo Matikainen: photo linked from RESULT: Wales 1 France 4.

The Senior Women's team play France at Parc y Scarlets, Llanelli, on Saturday 22nd October, kick off at 6pm.

The match will be the second for Wales in the new Women's UEFA Championships, the finals to be held in 2013.

Wales squad:

Nicola Davies - Liverpool
Gemma Border - Swansea City Ladies
Rhian Nokes - Cardiff City Ladies
Kylie Davies - Chelsea
Sophie Ingle - Cardiff City Ladies
Lauren Price - Cardiff City Ladies
Sally Wade - Barnet
Helen Bleazard - Bristol Academy
Katie Daley (Sherwood) - Bristol Academy
Loren Dykes - Bristol Academy
Michelle Green - Bristol Academy
Hayley Ladd - Arsenal
Jayne Ludlow - Arsenal
Jessica Fishlock - Bristol Academy
Natasha Harding - Cardiff City Ladies
Gwennan Harries - Everton
Hannah Keryakopolis - Liverpool
Helen Lander - Chelsea
Amie Lea - Cardiff City Ladies
Emma Plewa - Chelsea

Stand by players:
Sophie Dando - Cardiff City Ladies
Sophie Davies - TNS
Tija Richardson - Swansea City Ladies
Erin Vaughan - Aston Villa
Angharad James - Arsenal
Nia Jones - Cardiff City Ladies
Zoe Atkins - Cardiff City Ladies
Ellie Curson - Bristol Academy
Cheryl Foster - Liverpool
Gina Goulding - Coventry City.

Thu, 20 Oct, 2011 17:00 UK.


- LIVE on S4C 





WOMEN: UEFA Under 17s

Wales Under 17s: photo linked from UEFA Under 17s: 
The Under 17 women's team ended their UEFA qualifiers with a 5-0 defeat to France.

The Under 17 Women's team earned a 1-0 win against the Faroe Islands in Moldova.

Goalscorer for Wales was 
Rachel Hignett after 66 minutes

Wales will now play France on Wednesday.

The Wales Under 17 Women's team opened their campaign with a defeat against Moldova, the only goal of the game came from Moldovan captain Cristina Cerescu after 63 minutes.

Moldova 1 Wales 0
Faroe Islands 0 Wales 1.
France 5 Wales 0.

WOMEN: Northern Ireland 0 Wales 2

Jarmo Matikainen: photo linked from FOR THE WOMEN.
RESULT: Northern Ireland 0 Wales 2.

Helen Lander with both goals for Wales.

Jarmo Matikainen, has named his squad for the friendly international with Northern Ireland.

Match to be played at the Oval, Belfast, on Tuesday 23rd August 2011, the friendly is in preparation for the first of the UEFA Women's Championship games against the Republic of Ireland in September. The squad is boosted by the return of captain Jayne Ludlow after a long injury lay-off.

Wales squad:
Nicola Davies - Liverpool
Rhian Nokes - Cardiff City Ladies
Kylie Davies - Chelsea
Sophie Ingle - Cardiff City Ladies
Emma Jones - Liverpool
Nia Jones - Cardiff City Ladies
Sally Wade - Barnet
Helen Bleazard - Bristol Academy
Katie Daley - Bristol Academy
Loren Dykes - Bristol Academy
Cheryl Foster - Liverpool
Michelle Green - Bristol Academy
Jayne Ludlow - Arsenal
Jessica Fishlock - Bristol Academy
Natasha Harding - Cardiff City Ladies
Gwennan Harries - Everton
Helen Lander - Chelsea
Amie Lea - Cardiff City Ladies

Stand by players:
Gemma Border - Swansea City Ladies
Sophie Dando - Cardiff City Ladies
Hayley Ladd - Arsenal
Kerrie Manley - Coventry City
Lauren Price - Cardiff City Ladies
Erin Vaughan - Aston Villa
Emma Plewa - Chelsea
Laura-May Walkley - Swansea City
Megan Wynne - Watford
Milly Durrant - Coventry City.
Josie Green - Watford.
Zoe Atkins - Cardiff City Ladies.

posted: Mon, 15 Aug, 2011 14:20 UK.







WOMEN UNDER 19: Draw for U19s

Wales Under 19s Women: photo linked from NEWS
The Under 19s drew 0-0 against Belgium. Match was played at the GenQuip Stadium, Port Talbot, Tuesday 16th August 2011.

The teams meet again at 11am on Thursday morning, match to be played at the Sport Park in Treforest.

1. Yvette Churchill (Bristol Academy)
2. Sophie Davies (TNS)
3. Sophie Cole (Cardiff City Ladies)
4. Lauren Price (Cardiff City Ladies)
5. Danielle Oates (Blackburn Rovers)
6. Hayley Ladd (Arsenal)
7. Angharad James (Arsenal) - (14 45m)
8. Josie Green (Watford) - Capt.
9. Megan Wynne (Watford) - (17 72m)
10. Jordan Guard (Cardiff City) - (18 45m).
11. Rachel Hignett (Bristol Academy) - (15 74m)

12. Alice Evans (Cardiff City), 13. Alex George (Llanidloes), 14. Ellie Curson (Bristol Academy) ( 45m), 15. Emily Thomas (Tranmere Rovers) ( 74m), 16. Rebekah Hadley (Caerphilly Castle), 17. Amy Thrupp (PILCS) ( 72m), 18. Shanelle Edwards (Cardiff City) ( 45m).

posted: Wed, 17 Aug, 2011 07:00 UK.







WOMEN: Matikainen to name Women's squad


Wales Women's Teams manager, Jarmo Matikainen, will hold a media conference  on Monday 15th August 2011 at 2.30pm.

He is set to name the senior women's squad for the friendly match with Northern Ireland in Belfast on the 23rd August 2011. He will also name the women's  Under 19  squad for the friendly matches that week with Belgium. (Tuesday at 6pm at the GenQuip Stadium, Port Talbot, Thursday at mid-day at University of Glamorgan, Treforest).

Also he will discuss the the UEFA Under 19 women's Finals Tournament to be held in Wales in August 2013, and the work that is involved with developing the squad of players over the next two years.

posted: Thu, 11 Aug, 2011 17:30 UK.







WOMEN: Wales v Luxembourg

Wales women: photo linked from 20th March 2011 at 6pm, Women's Friendly International. WALES v LUXEMBOURG, Marston Stadium, Afan Lido. Admission is free.

Women's squad: Rhian Nokes (Cardiff City), Sophie Dando (Cardiff City), Jasmin Dutton (Tranmere Rovers), Nia Jones (Cardiff City), Sally Wade (Barnet), Erin Vaughan (Aston Villa), Tija Richardson (Swansea City), Kerrie Manley (Nottingham Forest), Natalie Ashford (Swansea City), Milly Durrant (Coventry City), Ellen King (Caernarfon Town), Sophie Ingle (Cardiff City), Laura May Walkley (Swansea City), Gwennan Harries (Everton), Alisa Orlik (Caernarfon Town), Shan Jones (Mid-Tennessee State Univ), Sharla Passariello (South Florida Univ), Zoe Atkins (Cardiff City).


DOWNLOAD: Match poster -PDF FORMAT [419 KB]

updated: Mon, 11 April, 2011 13:21UK.


WOMEN: Defeat for the under 19s vs Iceland

Wales v Germany : photo linked from 0 ICELAND 2
Wales suffered a surprise defeat in their 2010/2011 UEFA Women’s Under 19 championship qualifier against Iceland.

- more news from

updated: Sun, 3 April, 2011 17:10 UK.

The under 19 side battled to a great 1-1 draw with Germany at Parc y Scarlets, Llanelli in the opening UEFA Elite Round game.

The Germans took an early lead from a corner after eights minutes, defender Luisa Wensing rising at the far post to score from a bullet-header.

It could have been the signal for an all-out onslaught by the Germans, but instead, Jarmo Matikainen's young team fought for every ball and held the German attack at bay. Few chances came to either side for the rest of the opening 45 minutes, but Wales were beginning to grow in confidence as the half wore-on. Captain Nia Jones was very impressive in keeping the shape of the Wales defence under severe pressure.

In the second half, Wales came-out on a mission and denied Germany the time and space to build from midfield. The reward game with just ten minutes to go when captain Nia Jones scored the all-important goal for the girls in red.

It was the signal for an all-out attack from Germany but Wales held their ground and took the point from a famous 1-1 draw.

In the other game, Turkey beat Iceland 3-1 in the early kick off at Parc y Scarlets.

The next games are on Saturday at 3pm when Wales play Iceland at Stebonheath Park, Llanelli and Germany meet Turkey at Richmond Park, Carmarthen. Both games are free admission. - info from FAW.ORG.UK

WOMEN: Algarve Cup 2011

Wales v Northern Ireland: photo linked from Propaganda-Photo.comWALES AT THE ALGARVE CUP
RESULT: China 2 Wales 1.

RESULT: Chile 1 Wales 2.

In other Group C game Portugal and Romania drew 0-0, Wales top the group and play China, on Wednesday.

RESULT: Romania 1 Wales 2.
RESULT: Portugal 3 Wales 1.

A 3-1 defeat 3-1 for the women against Portugal in their first match of the Algarve Cup.

The Wales squad has been named for the Algarve Cup Tournament in Portugal.

Rhian Nokes (Cardiff City), Gemma Border (Swansea City), Sally Wade (Barnet),Emma Jones (Bristol Academy), Nia Jones (Cardiff City), Kerrie Manley (Nottingham Forest), Jasmin Dutton (Tranmere Rovers), Sophie Ingle (Cardiff City), Kylie Davies (Chelsea), Katie Daley (Bristol Academy), Josie Green (Watford), Michelle Green (Bristol Academy), Loren Dykes (Bristol Academy), Sarah Adams (Swansea City), Laura-May Walkley (Swansea City), Gwennan Harries (Everton), Jessica Fishlock (Bristol Academy), Helen Lander (Chelsea), Emma Plewa (Chelsea), Cheryl Foster (Liverpool).

Fixtures: Portugal (2nd March), Romania (4th March), Chile (7th March), plus a final positional game on 9th March 2011.

updated: Fri, 25 February, 2011 17:16 UK.



 Wales lose to China

 Defeated by Portugal




WOMEN: Wales v Bulgaria.

Wales take on Bulgaria on Wednesday 24th November. Match to be played at The Rock, Cefn Druids FC.

The match kicks off at 7.00pm. Admission is free.

RESULT: Wales 8 Bulgaria 1
updated: Mon, 22 Novembert, 2010 19:48 UK.



 Wales 8 Bulgaria 1





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