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 Wales football news - February 2003.
Friendly plans.
Manager Mark Hughes, is again planning friendly matches for his side after the Euro 2004 double header against Azerbaijan and Serbia-Montenegro.

Two matches are planned, both at the moment look like being away. The USA has been pencilled in for Monday May 26th.

The other friendly looks like being in August and after last year's successful trip to Croatia, 
Sparky is looking for a team that will fit a certain profile, hence the friendly against Bosnia, which was organised for February.

As yet no nations have been mentioned.

Wednesday, February 19th 2003.


Good preparation.
After the draw against Bosnia manager Mark Hughes has stressed the importance of having as much preparation, with quality facilities as possible before games.

Hughes was not a happy man before last Wednesday's game, and has pointed out that training facilities for his team must be improved for future games.

"We must have a quality week prior to the game. We can set things down and go over what we do well and what we don't do well." - Mark Hughes

Sunday, February 16th 2003.


Vital away games.
With the next stage of the Euro 2004 campaign fast approaching, Mark Hughes feels that the away games are vital if we are to qualify for Portugal.

Hughes is hoping other teams in the group will start to take points off each other, and this can only benefit Wales in the long run.

The manager knows we have made a great start but his and the team's aim is to carry this through the five remaining games.

"I think the games in Yugoslavia and Italy are going to be very important. We probably need to get a point from either one of those games. If we do we'll go very close." - Mark Hughes

Sunday, February 2nd 2003.




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