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Wales football news - December 2001.
 Three matches.
Wales in action. With two friendly internationals confirmed for next year the FAW are hoping to host another.

Talks are being held with Argentina, Paraguay and Cameroon for a match at home in April, Wednesday the 17th looks the likely date.

Before that hopes of another game in February are receding.

Hopes of a match during February are receding, but we are still aiming to organise an international in April."
Mark Evans - FAW.

Sunday, December 30th 2001.
 Television rights.
Wales in action. With the European Championship qualifying matches starting next September or October the contract to televise these games seems up for grabs.

The BBC currently holds the rights, but preliminary discussions have already been held between the FAW and HTV.

"The discussions covered various topics pertinent to Welsh soccer including International Football rights."
John Roberts - Head of sport - HTV.

Thursday, December 20th 2001.
 Announcement soon.
Wales in action. The FAW have announced that they will announce their entire friendly schedule soon.

Contact has been made with some of world's leading nations - including England, Spain, Argentina and Germany, with dates in February, March, April and May scheduled for any matches.

Spain is the only country to formally say no but the Germans are believed to have given a provisional yes to a friendly here in Wales.

As before the friendly against the Czech Republic looks set for 27th March.

Sunday, December 16th 2001.
 Match dates.
Mark Hughes set for friendly matches. The FAW are still in negotiations regarding friendly matches in 2002.

The dates put aside are the 13th February, 17th April and 14th May. The friendly against the Czech Republic looks set for 27th March.

Thursday, December 13th 2001.
 England friendly?
Big game for Sparky at the Millennium Stadium? With the next competitive qualifying game not until September or October next year the FAW have mapped out some friendly matches the interim period.

The priorities for Wales are England and Argentina with both teams looking for practice matches under a roofed stadium.

They have set the wheels in motion by speaking with the Argentine FA on Tuesday evening and are awaiting a response. Other countries have also been contacted.

Thursday, December 6th 2001.
 New coach?
New Wales U-21 coach? Following the dismal run of results for the U-21's the FAW have instructed first team manager Mark Hughes to review the management structure at that level.

With reports suggesting that changes are set to take place, there are several names being put forward as replacement to current manager Jimmy Shoulder, they include former players Neville Southall, Clayton Blackmore and Dean Saunders.

With no games scheduled for several months there is yet to be any decision on the matter.

click here for U-21 results.

Sunday, December 2nd 2001.


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