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    Interview -  Joe Rodon 10 Nov 20

    Joe Rodon on his Spurs move during Wales last camp

    "Yeah, of course. It was the first Monday, obviously, with the first deadline. That's when it started to develop, after Bulgaria was basically just it was non-stop. It was all kicking off. And yeah, like I said, it was like to get it over the line in the end"

    Was it difficult to concentrate?

    "It was quite hard. I think the Bulgaria game in particular was the hardest to concentrate. It was just I think when I knew it was true and there was obviously develop in the way it was, it was was quite hard to switch off. So but like I said, we we got the win and everything went well, so I can only take it from there.

    There's been a great history and tradition over the years of Welsh players at Tottenham, you've got Gareth there and Ben, is that helped in any way?

    "It was it was probably way easier for me and made me feel more comfortable to go there knowing them two are there, they've they've been unbelievable to me ever since I've been there. And obviously not just them, but all the players as well"

    Interview - Tom Lockyer 10 Nov 20

    Three big games, with the friendly first and then two Nations league games

    "I think ever since the gaffer has come in, we've set ourselves high standards. I remember one of the first meetings he done, he laid out a few things that he wanted from the campaign, and they're kind of similar throughout every campaign, high targets, I thought, wow, that's going to be tough. But that's the kind of standards we're set in here and that's what we're going to achieve. So, we know what we've got to do. These three tough games coming up, but we'll prepare right, like we always do, go into it full of confidence"